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**** More than 13 Million Downloads ***Pic Grid Collage Maker for InstagramAn easy to use ...

**** More than 13 Million Downloads ***

Download Free Download Pic Grid Collage Maker apk

Pic Grid Collage Maker for Instagram

An easy to use application which enables you to stitch collage with your wonderful photos. Integrated with powerful picture editor and more than 50 layout in different aspect ratios (1:1 for square collage, 4:3, 3:4, 3:2), you can be super creative in creating collages. Pic Grid Collage maker is packed with multiple fonts you can choose to create personal text messages/quotes over the collage.

Join over 13 millions of people who use Pic Grid Collage Maker app to stitch photos, quotes, stickers, backgrounds to make the awesome collage, they wish.

Popular Features of Pic Grid Collage Maker:

1. Choose layout grid instantly.

2. Dozens of popular photo filter effects;

3. Edit Photos and Crop them in the way you wish.

4. Text editor with support of different fonts and colours.

5. Plenty of stickers and pattern to choose.

6. Customize photo borders, like adjust the border thickness, add color or pattern to the border.

7. High Resolution Output.

How to use?

1. Select Pic Grid and aspect ratio (1:1, 4:3, 3:4, 3:2). More than 50 layouts and they are organised based on the number of photographs that you wish to collage.

2. Tap to add picture from Gallery and the picture will be directly opened in Photo Editor. After making necessary editing, please select done and the photos will appear on the grid.

3. You can resize, rotate, move the photos inside the grid.

4. Add Background colour with Colour picker tool.

5. Add Background pattern.

6. Add Various stickers to the collage.

7. Save the collage and share it with the world through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.


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